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Are there strobe lights, loud sounds and fog? Will I get wet?

Yes. The haunt contains fog (natural and unnatural), loud sounds, strobe

lights, creepy actors, and props that buzz, hiss, growl, lurch and spit.

You may get wet or muddy. If you are pregnant, seeing a doctor, have heart

problems or easily scare, then please consult your doctor before buying a

ticket and attending.

What are the haunt paths like?

All attractions are outdoors. The paths wind through a real live cornfield

on real live dirt. Paths are sometimes lined with straw, note to allergy

sufferers! Clown Shot Paintball is also outdoors. You sit on a wood bench

under cover. So, there will be mud, a bug or two, corn stalks, moisture,

dirt, uneven ground, and fog.

Is the haunt scary?

Only YOU can answer's always best to bring a squealing friend to laugh at. You don't get scared? Then you might as well laugh and enjoy the creepy outdoors! We will try to make you jump, laugh, and squeal, but we cannot guarantee pants wetting (many have wet themselves or worse) Only YOU can turn on the fun. Yeah, we said it before, NO REFUNDS! No refunds is an industry standard!

What is the age limit? Can I bring children?

The haunted attractions are not recommended for 12 years old and under. If

you want your baby and children to see gore, blood, mutations, mayhem, or

hear screaming and eerie sounds, then we will not stop you. We aren’t their

parents! Sorry, absolutely NO REFUNDS. If you or your guest chickened out,

we did our job! Kids are always welcome in the non-haunted nighttime corn


How do I act or work at the haunt?

Contact We are always looking for passionate, reliable, creepy, and Halloween loving talent that wants to join our family. We do not take volunteers; we pay. We are active throughout the year...stalk us online and look out for haunt workshops, zombie walks and horror events! We dare you to contact us!

Do you have group pricing?

Yes! You will find group ticket options when buying tickets. We have

discounts for groups of 20-49, and a larger discount for groups of 50+

Is the haunt wheelchair accessible?

Wheelchairs are allowed, but remember the paths can be muddy, packed with straw, uneven, and dark. It's a cornfield after all! We ask you contact us prior to arriving at so that we can pre-arrange a staff helper for you! The haunt is not paved or graveled so pushing will be difficult!

Can I bring my backpack, bag, or purse?

No. For everyone's safety, please leave all valuables at home, this includes purses, bags and backpacks. Backpacks, bags, and purses beyond the parking lot will be searched or security will ask you to leave it your vehicle. Buy your tickets online and save the hassle!

What if it rains?

You get to enjoy an extra atmospheric element for your experience! Severe weather may cause closures (like storms or high winds), so check our website before coming down for closure info!

Can I take photos or record the haunt experience?

No photos or video inside of the haunted attractions. If you are media

(paper, radio, blogger, etc) please contact

Everyone is encouraged to take pictures with our monsters while waiting in

line and in our photo-op spaces by the exit! #StalkerFarms

Do you sell food?

There will be vendors available in the Midway.

Is this a haunted house or a corn maze?

BOTH! Stalker Farms is a seasonal outdoor event that contains midway space

and two haunted attractions called Slasher Family Homestead & Pogo's Funny

Farm, plus our non-haunted nighttime corn maze. The haunted attractions are

NOT mazes. The two haunts require you to move through real corn paths and

creepy scenes at your own pace. Other activities include our giant jumping

pillow, fire pits (rented), ball toss zone, farmer foosball, food zone, and

Clown Shot Paintball. The nighttime corn maze is a smaller section of the

daytime maze and is a self-paced unlit maze that doesn’t contain our acting

staff or scary props. Our Scarecrow's Challenge IS a maze, a small one.

How long does it take to go through the haunt(s)?

Depends. Once you enter a haunt, you proceed at your own pace. Some people stroll, some people stop and cry, some people laugh. Standard groups finish in 10-15 minutes per attraction once they enter. These are standard industry haunt times.

Will it be dark?

Oh yeah! Yes, the haunts have moments of pure darkness and both haunts contain fog (natural and unnatural) and limited lighting. The non-haunted corn maze is mostly dark, unless the moon peeks out.

How big will my group be when I enter the haunt?

Before you enter into our two haunts, Slasher Family Homestead and Pogo’s

Funny Farm, you will be put into a group of 6-8 people. That means either

breaking your group up into smaller ones if you are larger than 8, or

adding people to your group if you are less than 6. This helps lessen

spacing issues inside of the haunt. You may still run into the group ahead

of you or have the ones behind you catch up, we cannot control the pace

everyone moves at.