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Come and experience this year's safest haunted attraction! Join the Slasher Family, our Clowns, the Pogonos, and our demonic scarecrows, the Eski as they fight for the farm. Experience over 40 minutes of a Halloween spectacle unlike any other from the safety of your car. Follow the tales of the Slashers and the Pogonos as they confront the demonic powers of the Eski. Fire, chainsaws, gameshow trivia; it's all part of the show the fear of the unexpected is a plus.


Through the experience, you will be guided by our traffic security. Once in place for a scene you will park your car, turn off your lights, and your tires will be choked before the scene begin. After the scene is over the traffic security will remove the tire chocks and direct you to move forward into a holding zone. There you can use Snapchat to scan a Snapcode for a YouTube video to enjoy in between scenes until traffic security directs you into the next scene. The URL will be posted as well if you do not have Snapchat.

Smaller and quieter cars will provide the best experience for you and those around you. Vehicle max height of 7'6" and no longer than 18'. Be sure your car is gassed up and your bladders are empty before you begin the experience.

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Suzie Slasher, our murderous matriarch, has successfully taken control of the Homestead and the Family is as gruesome as ever! Creep past the gate and into a corn field ruled by devilish dolls, savage beasts, and fiendish cannibals. Our Family is always growing, why don’t you join us and see what the screaming is all about?


Pogo's Funny Farm

Pogo knows games are the best way to keep people entertained, and that’s all that Pogo wants; smiling bodies. Compete for Pogo’s love and fight for your life in the thrilling challenges participants are forced to endure. If you’re lucky you’ll get to meet the big clown himself in the winners corner. Pogo knows he can’t wait to watch you compete for his attention.

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Walk our non-haunted corn trail celebrating everyday heroes. This is a one directional trail and enjoy stretching your legs in the night air. 

Buy a Night No Scare ticket and walk the corn after driving through the Haunt!

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When you buy a Night No Scare ticket you are free to explore our ever-growing midway!

The midway experience offers unique onsite food vendors and skill-based carnival-style gaming!

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