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A younger actress staring at the camera from the Slasher Family Homestead at Stalker Farms.


Double Dare and VIP

The Slasher family is the bloody beating heart of Stalker Farms. In the name of tradition, Suzie Slasher invites you to walk the family's private property this Fall. It’s an opportunity for the family to improve their professional skills so they can put food on the table. Skill sets such as store clerk, dentist, junkyard attendant, chainsaw repair, and butcher. Join us so that the family doesn’t go hungry, the morgue now has so much more space to store fresh meat!

The clown mask of Pogo from Pogo's Funny Farm at Stalker Farms.

Pogo's Funny Farm

Double Dare and VIP

POGO the Clown has his own field of corn to play in, his PogoNo followers are now free-range clowns! The PogoNo’s smell fear and eat laughter, you’ll never know where they’ll pop out next. They are eager to show you their stomping grounds and want you to experience POGO’s Big Top experience! If you hate clowns, POGO loves you...

Eski's Dark Harvest.jpg

VIP Exclusive!

This is a third haunted trail through dark corn for VIP’s only.

The Eski are the demonic ancestors of the Slasher family. From the darkness they infest the land with their archaic rituals of doorways and scarecrows to summon primal creatures, growing their numbers. Each Eski must gather the blood of the fearful to appease the Wretched Root and keep the corn and pumpkins alive. Will you be able to escape the Dark Harvest, or will the vines drag you below?

Toxic Blaster.jpg

VIP Exclusive!

Looking for something that lets you be the predator instead of the prey? Grab a VIP ticket and enjoy our brand-new Toxic Blaster shooting gallery experience!

A massive spill of radioactive waste has mutated Stalker Farm's already blood-thirsty denizens and made them twice as dangerous! We created a containment area with the help of a bus, some trucks, and rock walls. They are determined to escape and have pieced together armor and defenses, so we increased our firepower. They hate the sound of metal being shot and we have lost many brave souls to place targets all over for the more skilled shooters to hit. With our new ooze-dipped ammo and special automatic rifles, help us keep them at bay as they try to escape from containment to eat your eyes!

A campfire lit up at night.


Rent your very own campfire and tell ghost stories around the campfire before or after visiting the haunts or corn maze! You may bring outside food and drinks (non-alcoholic) to your rented campfire but nowhere else on the farm. Don't forget the roasting sticks! Reservations must be made in advance and paid admission to the farm is required for everyone attending the campfire sites.


A dimly lit corn maze at Stalker Farms for the nighttime cornmaze.

VIP and No-Scare!


Get lost in the corn at night. This attraction is an actual maze through the corn at night. There are no actors, it is a portion of the daytime corn maze to be explored in the dark. A great way to enjoy part of your night, either to cool down after some scares or if you don't want any scares at all!

Friends roasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate over a campfire at Stalker Farms.


Arrive early for your timed ticket, or stick around after the haunt, and explore our ever-growing midway experience!


Enjoy unique onsite food vendors, our giant jumping pillow (weather permitting), skill-based carnival-style gaming, and live entertainment on busy nights!

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