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Stalker Farms delivers an immersive haunt experience that is completely unique. With original story lines, trained actors, and talented make up artists, Stalker Farms creates a haunt attraction experience that offers attendees the chance to delve into a horror entertainment that takes them far beyond the typical Halloween haunt attraction. The Stalker Farms haunt tour makes you feel like you are in the middle of a horror movie. Whether you choose to take just part of the tour, or enjoy the entire production, there are plenty of freakishly fun and horrifically entertaining moments that make it completely unforgettable. Sorry about the nightmares, but you get what you paid for!


We don't encourage parents to bring kids under 12 since it is a very intense haunt attraction, unless of course you have that sort of kid that always has to be kept from eating the family pets raw... There are also "no scare" mazes and an apple cannon, a giant pillow jump, and other activities like a paintball shooting gallery where zombies with the deadly "blood rot" have been known to show up at night;  enjoy those if you know you cannot handle the intense scares. We are not kidding by the way. Last year we had guests that experienced anxiety attacks so intense that they had to be helped by on site medical staff. So, if you are one of the brave, and someone that loves a great haunted house or ghoulish corn maze, then you will not be disappointed.



 2017 Attractions

Blood Rot

A mysterious illness the locals refer to as "Blood Rot" has consumed the locals with devastating effect, prompting a quarantine of the Snohomish area farming community in an attempt to keep the infection from spreading. The virus has no precedent in history and quite possibly is alien in origin. Oftentimes lethal, the morbid effects of the illness not only cause a horrible transfiguration of the flesh but also apparently render those unfortunate enough to survive it into maniacal cannibalistic mutants. They become enraged and determined to feast on the flesh of rotting corpses...


Pogo Presents Abra Kadaver!

Pogo the Clown with a sick sense of humor and a few psychopathic tendencies is back to his old tricks... Magic tricks that is! Pogo brings his demented and macabre magic show entitled "Abra Kadaver" to Stalker Farms. Check out the stage show then go backstage to see behind the scenes what makes Pogo's sick display of the magician's technique so compellingly horrific.













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