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AUGUST 20, 2018

SNOHOMISH--For October 2018, Stalker Farms Haunted Attractions offers both no scare and scary themed night time activities!  For those seeking a thrill, venture deep into our cornfield and brave our two walk-through horror themed haunted attractions, Slasher Family Reunion and Pogo’s Funny Farm: Rulz. New for 2018, VIP ticket holders have the option to solve the puzzles in our new challenge maze: The Scarecrow’s Challenge. Need something on the edge, but not scary? Clear out ‘live’ zombies in our Pot Shot Paintball zombie shooting gallery. Hanging with friends that don’t want to be scared? Stalker Farms offers a giant, no scare, lights-off corn maze, rentable campfires, unique onsite food vendors, a midway gaming experience, and live entertainment on busy nights. Stalker Farms offers free, open parking for all every October. Enjoy a scary, frightful fall tradition at Stalker Farms Haunted Attractions this October!

Slasher Family Reunion Image 2018





AUGUST 23, 2018



Haunt Title: Slasher Family Reunion

October 2018 marks our 273rd Slasher Family reunion. Our eccentric family gathers upon the haunted corn fields of Snohomish for the sole purpose of designating a new head for our clan. The previous heads and religious leaders, Jebidiah and Jedidiah, as you know, were killed in the Blood Rot outbreak of 2017. Ol’ Jed and Jeb were murdered by their fanatic followers who blamed them for the existence of the consumptive Blood Rot. Stalker Farms has three clans that have put their heads, ah feet, into the sacred ring to be elected onsite, by you our fans.


"Meat" the family leaders attending the reunion this October in the haunt Slasher Family Reunion:

Chuck Slasher 2018 Image   

Chuck Slasher- Our tried and true resident butcher, originator of the best tasting long-pig this side of the Mississippi. Not to mention Chuck uses the non-edible bits for his fantastic artwork! What a recycle-er! Chuck's a strong and ruthless leader and his determination to provide for his family at any cost is admirable, to them, at least.

Suzie Slasher Image 2018  

Suzie Slasher- The golden child of the Slashers for the last thirty years, her giggles will even delight her victims…and she still doesn’t look a day over eight. Suzie is said to lead her family with a smile, a curtsy and a deadly trick, or two. Flanked by her brothers and man-pet Fluffy, she is not a timid leader.

Eski Image ESKI- A distant, distant relative, ESKI evokes the ways of our True Elders. She is a wise leader who wants to show you a new path, the cool embrace of darkness. Summoning the spirits of our ancestors, ESKI and her followers will show you the dark secrets of our corn and the occasional family demon.


























































New for 2018!

During your walk through haunted visit, stop at our un-official voting booth to pick your favorite clan leader or to see who is winning that night. Double Dare and VIP ticket holders only. The fear family will tally all the votes daily, and then on Halloween night, the most votes will lead our family into 2019 and beyond. Stalker Farms, where fear is family!




Haunt Title: Pogo's Funny Farm: RULZ!

Pogo's Funny Farm has taken off! Fanatical Pogo fans, the PogoNos, have grown in number, but at the same time, they’ve lost their direction. Pogo doesn’t like that! Luckily, The One True Pogo, knows how to set them straight! Pogo has laid out a set of 6 iron-clad Pogo rules. With his white-gloved claws Pogo will correct his PogoNos. Any rule breakers can guarantee the most hilariously violent of consequences!

Pogo the Clown Image

I hear you screaming “What are the rules?!” If you must know, then you just must come down and experience Pogo's rules first hand, or any hand. Of course, you’ll be alongside our crunchy cast of new and old PogoNos, who only live for your screams, ah, we mean happiness.

Visit Pogo's Funny Farm to learn the 6 Pogo rules and more importantly what happens when they are broken!








Challenge Maze: The Scarecrow's Challenge

New for 2018!

Our Scarecrows are low on the intelligence scale when it comes to the cryptids on the farm. Tired of stitching them together after run-ins with the local zombies and wendigos, we need your help to make them better.

Scarecrow Image
Our VIP Experience ticket holders will have the option to tackle this new timed challenge. Your team will be given three tasks to complete in a short amount of time while trying to avoid the clutches of a Scarecrow. Succeed, good on you and brag to your friends! Fail, and that scarecrow ascends to becoming a rare scarecrow, a white colored scarecrow with black eyes. Don’t have straw for brains? Then give the scarecrow's maze a try! Solve all three challenges in the time limit and earn cool prizes and merchandise.








Pot Shot Paintball: Zombie Shooting Gallery

A successful return from 2017, Pot Shot Paintball is back! Take a seat, load 100 paintballs and take pot shots at static and moving interactive targets. Too much noise and zombies will appear!

Yup, aim for the head!


Pot Shot Paintball is only available with our VIP Experience and No-scare ticket packages.

Pot Shot Paintball Image



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