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Jebidiah J Slasher (JS) is the controversial preacher who lived on a commune in Snohomish valley and started the Heaven Behind Rows Church during the turn of the 20th century. In the 1930s he was accused with moral depravity and conspiracy to commit murder carried out by his followers. Jebidiah and his followers disappeared during house arrest while waiting for trial during October in 1931.


Jebidiah J Slasher was raised in the late 1880’s with his twin brother Jedidiah “Jed”. They were seen as prodigal sons to Great Granny Edma and Father Phineas, two of the most respected elders of the vast Slasher family tree. Both were raised as farmers and extremely competitive. Jed was stronger while Jebidiah was more book learned. As Jebidiah turned more to text and ancient books, Jed distrusted him more. As a teenanger, Jebidiah was sent away to the distant relations, the Higsbirds, on the East coast.

Not much is known about Jebidiah’s early years but his feud with Jed existed into adulthood.

Heaven Behind Rows Church

Jeb’s bloodlust is what lead to the first scarecrow ritual spearheaded by (unknown,Mavis Slasher) to help satiate the ”corn.” After leaving the family, it is unknown how he became a preacher but returned and stressed the power of that Behind the Rows and thus created Heaven Behind Rows Church. Many locals referred to it as a violent cult.

Not much is known about the actual workings of the Church since not much physical material was left behind. A few basic principles were documented. 1) Anyone that attempts to leave the faith must be removed for such as they are passing on their betrayal of the blood oath. 2) All followers must make two yearly blood oaths to the harvest, one of a follower (themselves) and one of a victim. 3) The faith’s continuation is far more critical than any life.

Corn was their staple in food and in harvest, although growing pumpkins and strange gourds was common too. The remaining house and outbuildings were decorated with occult like masks, corn art and scriptures.

During their stay in the fields, rumors floated about grand and unbelievable harvests from their crops. Rumors of ‘ascension,’ sacrifices and blood rituals spread in the community, especially as livestock and travelers disappeared.

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