With original story lines, trained actors, and talented make up artists, Stalker Farms creates a haunt attraction experience that offers attendees the chance to delve into a horror entertainment that takes them far beyond the typical Halloween haunt attraction. The Stalker Farms haunt tour makes you feel like you are in the middle of a horror movie. Whether you choose to take just part of the tour, or enjoy the entire production, there are plenty of freakishly fun and horrifically entertaining moments that make it completely unforgettable.


Slasher Family homestead

Last year you, our patrons, voted for who would lead the family into a new era. The ever-young Suzie Slasher came out on top. She has been hard at work molding the family farm into her likeness. Hop on Suzie’s bus and begin your experience in her field of fear. The Eski and Chuck Slasher are none too happy about losing to their sister, but her horrors speak for themselves. Watch out for their spite as you escape from the Slasher Family Homestead!


A distant, distant relative, ESKI evokes the ways of our True Elders.


She is a wise leader who wants to show you a new path, the cool embrace of darkness.


Summoning the spirits of our ancestors, ESKI and her followers will show you the dark secrets of our corn and the occasional family demon. 


The golden child of the Slashers for the last thirty years, her giggles will even delight her victims


…and she still doesn’t look a day over eight.


Suzie is said to lead her family with a smile, a curtsy and a deadly trick, or two. Flanked by her brothers and man-pet Fluffy, she is not a timid leader.


Our tried and true resident butcher, originator of the best tasting long-pig this side of the Mississippi.


Not to mention Chuck uses the non-edible bits for his fantastic artwork! What a recycle-er!


Chuck's a strong and ruthless leader and his determination to provide for his family at any cost is admirable, to them, at least.

Pogo's Funny Farm

Pogo knows games are the best way to keep people entertained, and that’s all that Pogo wants; smiling bodies. Compete for Pogo’s love and fight for your life in the thrilling challenges participants are forced to endure. If you’re lucky you’ll get to meet the big clown himself in the winners corner. Pogo knows he can’t wait to watch you compete for his attention.

The scarecrow's Challenge

An intimate maze experience with a semi-sentient creature locked inside waiting for you. We always need to train our living scarecrow to keep the corn safe from the local cryptids and zombies and having it hunt patrons has proven the most effective training.

If you’re up for the challenge, try to find your way out of the maze while avoiding the scarecrows gaze. When its eyes land on you be sure to freeze in place to avoid its wrath, it’s a game of “red light, green light” with a monster!



Pot Shot Paintball:

Zombie Shooting Gallery

These zombies wondered into the wrong cornfield. Take a seat, load 100 paintballs and take pot shots at static and moving interactive targets. Too much noise and zombies will appear!

Yup, aim for the head!

beer garden

For our guests 21+ we have a brand new beer garden to enjoy on all nights our haunted attractions are open from 7 pm until close! Stop by the beer garden to try our selection of craft beer and wine from the Pacific NW.

Partial proceeds from the sales will benefit NW Honey Bee Habitat Restoration, a 501c3 charitable foundation dedicated to saving our pollinators by planting pesticide free pollinator habitat. 

the midway

When you buy your ticket you will be given a loading zone, once your zone is called you can walk down the path that leads to our 2 haunted attractions. Until then (or after you’ve had your scares) you are free to explore our ever-growing midway!

The midway experience offers our new Beer Garden, communal campfires, unique onsite food vendors, our giant jumping pillow (weather permitting), skill-based carnival-style gaming, and live entertainment on busy nights!


Read this Warning Before Entering:

Stalker Farms reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone. You may experience intense audio, loud sounds, pop out scares, strobe lights, low light, darkness, air blasts, and uneven ground. You may get wet, muddy, or have to climb ramps and stairs. You may get brushed or touched by hanging and exposed props in your path.


Do Not Enter If:

Do not enter if you are pregnant, or suffer from any medical conditions and have not consulted your care giver or doctor. Do not enter if you are intoxicated or using drugs of any type, if you cannot physically climb stairs or more on uneven ground by yourself, if you suffer from heart conditions, asthma, seizures, phobias, or any type of mental, physical, or medical problems. Do not enter unless you have consulted your physician. All ticket holder voluntarily assume all risks and dangers associated with participating in these attractions.


No refunds. Enter at your own risk.