Frequently Asked Questions


Common Haunt Questions

  1. Is this a haunted house or a corn maze?  
  2. What is Blood Rot & Pogo Presents: Abra-Kadaver?
  3. How long does it take to go through the haunt(s)?
  4. Will it be dark?
  5. Are there strobe lights, loud sounds and fog? Will I get wet?
  6. What are the haunt paths like?
  7. Is the haunt scary?
  8. What is the age limit? Can I bring children?
  9. How do I act or work at the haunt?
  10. What is the Pot Shot Paintball Gallery attraction?

Pricing, Line, Parking Questions

    1. When is the haunt open?
    2. What is Zone Loading?
    3. What are the lines like?
    4. When are you the busiest?
    5. What is the 'VIP Haunt Experience'?
    6. How much does this cost?
    7. I bought a ticket online, can I come down anytime?
    8. Do you have group pricing?
    9. How do I get a discount or coupon?
    10. How does online ticketing work?
    11. What is a Fast Pass ticket?
    12. Should I buy a Fast Pass ticket?
    13. How many times can I go through with a ticket?
    14. Are there refunds?
    15. Is there parking?
    16. Do you sell food?

 Common Safety Questions

  1. Is the haunt wheelchair accessible?
  2. Can I wear Halloween costumes or masks to the haunt?
  3. Can I bring my backpack, bag, or purse?
  4. What if it rains?
  5. What should I wear to the haunt?
  6. Are there restrooms?
  7. Is there security?
  8. What are the rules?
  9. What if I get caught breaking a rule?
  10. Can I take photos or record the haunt experience?

Common Haunt Answers

    1. Is this a haunted house or a corn maze? BOTH! Stalker Farms is a seasonal outdoor event that contains midway space and two haunted attractions called Blood Rot & Pogo Presents: Abra-Kadaver, plus a non-haunted corn maze. The haunted attractions are NOT mazes. The two haunts require you to move through real corn paths and creepy scenes at your own pace. Other activities include our bouncy pillow, fire pits (rented), ball toss zone, farmer foosball, food zone, Billy Bob's Blaster Alley and Pot Shot Paintball Gallery. Th non-haunted corn maze is a smaller section of the daytime maze and is a self-paced unlit maze that doesn’t contain our acting staff or scary props.

    2. What is Blood Rot and Pogo Presents: Abra-KadaverBlood Rot takes you deep into the Heaven Behind Rows cult who've become contaminated with an otherworldly parasitic infection. Can you escape uninfected or will you be trapped in the quarantined area to experience unimaginable horror? Abra-Kadaver brings back Pogo and his creepy fanatics, the grotesque PogoNos, performing his early 80s VHS direct to tape hit about magic! What kind of insane magic tricks will you see?!! That blood on that chain saw looks a bit too... real... Pogo knows you want to see magical transformations; so, along with his demented subjects he aims to make sure you are bloody well entertained. Purchase of a double dare attraction ticket allows you to go through both haunts. Pick up the Double Dare No Scare ticket and  you can go through both haunts + the dark corn maze.

    3. How long does it take to go through the haunt(s)? Depends.  Once you enter a haunt, you proceed at your own pace. Some people stroll, some people stop and cry, some people laugh. Standard groups finish in 10-15 minutes per attraction once they enter. These are standard industry haunt times. Tip: we don’t recommend asking Jed Slasher for a chainsaw lesson.

    4. Will it be dark? Oh yeah! Yes, the haunts have moments of pure darkness and both haunts contain fog (natural and unnatural) and limited lighting. The non-haunted corn maze is mostly dark, unless the moon peeks out.

    5. Are there strobe lights, loud sounds and fog? Will I get wet? Yes. Both haunts contain fog (natural and unnatural), loud sounds, strobe lights, creepy actors, and props that buzz, hiss, growl, lurch and spit. You might get wet or muddy.  If you are pregnant, seeing a doctor, have heart problems or easily scare, then please consult your doctor before buying a ticket and attending.

    6. What are the haunt paths like? All attractions are outdoors. The paths wind through a real live cornfield on real live dirt. Paths are lined with straw (note to allergy sufferers!) at times. Paintball Stalker ride is also outdoors. You sit on a wood bench under cover. So, there will be mud, a bug or two, corn stalks, moisture, dirt, uneven ground, and fog.

    7. Is the haunt scary? Only YOU can answer's always best to bring a squealing friend to laugh at. You don't get scared? Then you might as well laugh and enjoy the creepy outdoors! We will try to make you jump, laugh, and squeal, but we cannot guarantee pants wetting (many have wet themselves or worse) Only YOU can turn on the fun. Yeah, we said it before, NO REFUNDS! No refunds is an industry standard!

    8. What is the age limit? Can I bring children? The haunted attractions are not recommended for 12 years old and under. We are not parents! If you want your baby and children to see gore, blood, mutations, mayhem, or here screaming and eerie sounds, then we will not stop you. Poor kids! Sorry, absolutely NO REFUNDS. If you or your guest chickened out, we did our job! Kids are welcome in the non-haunted corn maze!  Pot Shot Paintball Gallery is not intimidating but does contain surprises.

    9. How do I act or work at the haunt? Contact We are always looking for passionate, reliable, creepy, and Halloween loving talent that wants to join our family. We do not take volunteers, we pay. We are active throughout the year...stalk us online and look out for haunt workshops, zombie walks and horror events! We dare you to contact us!

    10. What is Pot Shot Paintball Gallery? This is a sit down moving and static shooting gallery. VIP Haunt Experience ticket holders can chose this activity or the shoot buckets of apples at Billy Bobs Blaster Alley. At Pot Shot Paintball, guests are given 100 paintballs to shoot static and reactive targets plus if you are loud enough, zombies will appear!


Pricing, Line, Parking Answers

  1. When is the haunt open? The 2017 season starts on Saturday October 7th at 7pm and runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in October, plus Thursday October 26th and Halloween! The Box Office opens at 6pm and the haunt portals open at 7pm. The Box Office closes at 10pm, but the haunt runs until the line is empty!
  2. What is Zone Loading? We have Zone Loading for our busy nights. Similar to airplane loading, we will call and post your ZONE listed on your wristband when the haunt is ready for you. You will get a zone number at the ticket booth (A, B, C, D etc) on your wristband. Rather than wait 2 hours in the far haunt lines, you'll be waiting in our midway area until called. When called, your zone will then go back to the haunt portals. There will still be wait of under 40 minutes, but not 2 hours! Expect to see Zone Loading on Friday and Saturday nights.
  3. What are the lines like? We all hate lines, but they happen. After the Zone Loading area, there are three line queues: for the two walk through haunts and a special expedited line for Fast Pass ticket holders. Fast Pass ticket holders pay a higher price but bypass the general two haunt lines and Zone Loading line. Check out our Calendar page to see crowd trends.There are no lines to the non-haunted corn maze.
  4. When are you the busiest? Our least busy nights are the first two weekends of October and on Thursdays and Sundays...recommended for folks that hate crowds, lines and want a 'cozier' experience :). On Friday and Saturday nights, we'll post haunt line times at the ticket booth. For our busy nights when Zone Loading is slow, we will provide midway entertainment! 
  5. What is the 'VIP Haunt Experience'? This ticket allows entry to our no-scare Corn Maze and VIP fast pass entry to both walk through haunted attractions, Blood Rot & Pogo Presents: Abra-Kadaver (bypassing the Loading Zone on busy nights). This experience includes a choice to shoot two buckets of apples at Billy Bob's Blaster Alley or shoot 100 paintballs at our new Pot Shot Paintball Gallery. As with all tickets, you have unlimited use of the Jumping Pillow (weather permitting), the Ball Toss Zone and Farmer Foosball! Ticket is valid on any night we are open in October 2017.
  6. How much does this cost? Check out our pricing page! 
  7. I bought a ticket online, can I come down anytime? No. The haunted attractions are open on Fri-Sun nights (and one Thurs) in October starting on October 7th. Even though you bought the ticket online, we still need to scan it at the Box Office during the listed hours and dates. If you show up at 11pm, sorry, no entry. If you bought a Paintball Stalker ticket, it is only good for the date and time on the ticket, pay attention to this. Check out our Calendar!
  8. Do you have group pricing? Yes! Groups of 20-39 save $1 per ticket. 50+ save $2 per ticket. Groups that pay with one transaction go directly to the front of the box office line. Group rates cannot be combined with any other discount. Group rate tickets can be purchased at the box office when you arrive or online. 
  9. How do I get a discount or coupon?  We always have a PRE-SALE discount before we open! 1. Follow Stalker Farms on Twitter or like us on Facebook or 2. Subscribe to our email Newsletter .
  10. How does online ticketing work? Select the ticket images on the pricing page and follow the directions. Enter in the PROMO code for any discounts! Once you complete the purchase, PRINT out your ticket(s) and bring it to the Customer Service Window at the Ticket Booth anytime during the ticket window hours of operation (6-10pm). Show the Box Office attendant your ticket(s). Once your ticket(s) is scanned, you'll receive a wrist band(s) and can enter the event! Please remember to print out your ticket! Reminder: you can purchase your tickets 24x7 from Sept 28th-Nov1st and you can use these for any haunt night! Please arrive before 10pm though! The Box Office closes at 10pm!
  11. What is a Fast Pass ticket? Fast Pass tickets cost $10 extra and allow you to skip the general haunt line(s) and go to the front of the haunt(s). This line (if any) will be smaller than the general haunt line. We recommend you only purchase this upgrade if you plan to attend Stalker Farms on Friday or Saturday nights. Our busiest nights will be the last two weekends of October. Fast Passes are industry standard for those that don't want to wait in the general haunt line.
  12. Should I buy a Fast Pass ticket? Only if you plan to visit us on our busiest nights. We’ve been known to have 2 hour waits in the zone loading area and lots of city folk come out to see us each year! This year you'll be waiting in our midway WITH entertainment, so no worries. 
  13. How many times can I go through with a ticket? Once. If you buy a non-haunted corn maze ticket, you can go through once. If you buy a double dare admission haunt ticket, then you can go through one walk through haunt twice or each one.
  14. Are there refunds? No. If you didn't like it, your shoes got wet, you hated standing in line, your kid was too scared, you felt sick, you were scared, your boyfriend made you, the wait was too long, you saw your ex, or if you peed your pants...these are great excuses, but there will be NO REFUNDS under any circumstances. No Refunds is a standard haunt practice.
  15. Is there parking? We have FREE parking! Please be considerate when parking! Parking is a first come, first serve basis. If it rained, the grass will be muddy. Remember to leave your valuables at home. Please NO purses, bags or backpacks beyond the ticket line! Our busiest nights are the weekend before Halloween, so get here early!
  16. Do you sell food? Yes we offer a concession stand and food truck options each year. You can eat these treats in the line, but not while in the haunt experience. 


Common Safety Answers

  1. Is the haunt wheelchair accessible? Wheelchairs are allowed, but remember the paths can be muddy, packed with straw, uneven, and dark. It's a cornfield after all! We ask you contact us prior to arriving at so that we can pre-arrange a staff helper for you! The haunt is not paved or graveled so pushing will be difficult!
  2. Can I wear Halloween costumes or masks to the haunt? Yes to costumes, no to masks. For the safety of the guests and staff, please leave your costumes and masks at home. Stalker Farms is not responsible for your costume getting damaged, muddy or wet. Masks found will be confiscated or you will be asked to leave. If you want to scare your friends, please contact to join the Stalker Farms acting team; we will provide the blood, makeup and masks!
  3. Can I bring my backpack, bag, or purse? No. For everyone's safety, please leave all valuables at home, this includes purses, bags and backpacks. Backpacks, bags, and purses beyond the parking lot will be searched or security will ask you to leave it your vehicle. Buy your tickets online and save the hassle!
  4. What if it rains? Then we all get wet! Stalker Farms will remain open rain or moonshine! Severe  weather may cause closures (like storms or high winds), so check our website before coming down for closure info! Remember your online purchased tickets are good for any night!
  5. What should I wear to the haunt? This is a Pacific Northwest outdoor haunt, keyword is outdoors. Expect cold weather (even on clear nights), fog, drizzle, and mud. We recommend ankle support shoes or boots (flip flops not recommended). It’s Seattle, dress in layers; heck, bring a warm hat and mittens too!
  6. Are there restrooms? Yes,there is an ample supply of portable bathrooms onsite; located in the line and out in front of the parking lot.
  7. Is there security? Yes. A trained security crew will be present each night to enforce the event rules. Follow the basic rules and everyone will have fun!
  8. What are the rules?

    No pushing

    No fighting

    No running (where ya gonna go?)

    No vandalism to the corn, scenes, signs or property

    No line cutting (how lame!)

    No vandalizing, breaking or throwing the corn! (It is real corn, doing so harms our guests' experience!)

    No hiding in the corn (you never know what will be behind you).

    No smoking (Hay! No really, there is a lot of straw!)

    No alcohol (including unopened mini bottles on your person!)

    No pets (especially dogs, rats or opposums)

    No weapons (you're that scared?)

    No touching the actors in any way!

    No drinking or drugs in the line or parking lot

    Anyone appearing 'under the influence or intoxicated' will be asked to leave, subject to our judgment. More rules are available at the haunt. For ours and your safety, violators will be asked to leave, NO REFUNDS. Be a guest not a ghoul!

  9. What if I get caught breaking a rule? You will be asked to leave by security regardless of where or how the rule was broken. Safety to our guests and staff is top priority!
  10. Can I take photos or record the haunt experience? No, not IN the haunt experience but you can in the line(s). Flash photography and recording devices in the haunt ruin everyone's experience.  Monsters will be available in and around the lines for photos. If you are a valid news agency (paper, radio, blogger), then please contact for recording approval and a free behind the scenes tour!!






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