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Slasher Family Reunion

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Three families, only one can win!

October 2018 marks our 273rd Slasher Family reunion. Our eccentric family gathers upon the haunted corn fields of Snohomish for the sole purpose of designating a new head for our clan. The previous heads and religious leaders, Jebidiah and Jedidiah, as you know, were killed in the Blood Rot outbreak of 2017. Ol’ Jed and Jeb were murdered by their fanatic followers who blamed them for the existence of the consumptive Blood Rot. Stalker Farms has three clans that have put their heads, ah feet, into the sacred ring to be elected onsite, by you, our fans. Will it be the Chuck Slasher, Suzie Slasher or the Eski clan? Only you can decide!


Pogo's Funny Farm: RULZ




Pogo's Funny Farm has taken off! Fanatical Pogo fans, the PogoNos, have grown in number, but at the same time they’ve lost their direction. Pogo doesn’t like that! Luckily, The One True Pogo, knows how to set them straight! Pogo has laid out a set of 6 iron-clad Pogo rules. With his white-gloved claws Pogo will correct his PogoNos. Any rule breakers can guarantee the most hilariously violent of consequences! Want to learn the 6 rules? Then visit Stalker Farms!

Challenge Maze

NEW for 2018!


The Scarecrow's Challenge

Our Scarecrows are low on the intelligence scale when it comes to the cryptids on the farm. Tired of stitching them together after run-ins with the local zombies and wendigos, we need your help to make them better.

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Our VIP Experience ticket holders will have the option to tackle this new timed challenge. Your team will be given three tasks to complete in a short amount of time (3 minutes) while trying to avoid the clutches of a Scarecrow. Succeed, good on you and brag to your friends and grab some prize candy. Fail and the scarecrow wins! Don’t have straw for brains? Then give the scarecrow's maze a try! Solve all three challenges in the time limit and earn cool prizes and merchandise! This attraction closes at 11PM each night.



 Zombie Shooting Gallery



Pot Shot Paintball: Zombie Shooting Gallery

A successful return from 2017, Pot Shot Paintball is back! Take a seat, load 100 paint balls and take pot shots at static and moving interactive targets. Too much noise and zombies will appear!

Yup, aim for the head!


Pot Shot Paintball is only available with our VIP Experience and No-scare ticket packages.

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Closed for 2018

October 2018 7-10PM PDT

Oct 6, 12-14, 19-21, 25-28, 31





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