Paintball Stalker Hunt for Zombies Ride

What is Paintball Stalker?

Paintball Stalker Hunt for Zombies imagePaintball Stalker: Hunt for Zombies is a unique paintball ride north of Seattle Washington. This paintball experience is a separate attraction located next to the walk-through haunts at Stalker Farms in Snohomish, Washington. This paintball ride is a non-haunted attraction; you shoot the scares!


Guests sit behind a paintball gun mounted on a covered trailer pulled by a tractor. Paintball Stalker only runs at night. Each ticket holder receives a designated supply of paintballs. Once loaded, ticket holders are driven out to the abandoned town of Stalkerton to shoot both static and live targets in the corn field. Shoot the monsters before they reach the trailer!


Paintball Stalker is open on the same nights as our regular haunts. Tickets must be purchased separately from the main haunt tickets and purchased online to ensure seating. Guests can purchase our VIP Double Dare Stalker ticket to go through Paintball Stalker, the no scare corn maze and both walk through haunts!


The Ride Experience

Here's how it works! Buy your tickets online. Select your time slot and day. Be down at the haunt box office during that time slot for check-in. If you think you'll also do the haunt, purchase the VIP Double Dare Stalker option.


After ticket booth check in and wristband hand out, you will pass our haunt portal and go straight to the Paintball Stalker line. There is a short wait to collect your 200 paintballs and organize the groups. We run two trailers on normal nights. The time slot is not the length of the ride. Our trailers can hold  26 patrons. Tickets are sold per half hour blocks and you will experience a short wait while the trailers load and unload. For example an 8:00 pm ticket, means you will begin the ride sometime between 8:00 pm-8:30 pm.


The trailers have stairs. You must be able to climb up stairs unaided (If you can't let us know!) The trailers have wood benches behind a customized stationary Carver One paintball markers. Each ticket gets you 200 .50 caliber paintballs to load into the gun. These are contained in a 16 oz cup.


After a brief ride out to Stalkerton, you will enter the old town to shoot zombies!


Sorry, you cannot purchase more paintballs while on the trailer or at the box office.


Guests are not allowed to bring their own paintball guns or paintballs. Standard haunt rules apply to this attraction and will be strictly enforced. This is a guided nighttime attraction where you shoot live and static zombie targets.



Ticket sales are limited each night to maintain safety and event quality. Tickets will need to be purchased separately from the other attractions. We recommend you buy your tickets on-line in advance to insure your time and date.  We hold some tickets back for each time slot to be able to sell on a first-come, first-serve basis at the box office.


Pay close attention to the date and hour you select. You will only be allowed to ride during that ticket time.


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Now closed for 2016!


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