2017 Haunted Attractions

Blood Rot

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Warning: Infection

The Heavens Behind Rows Church grew quiet a bit with converted family members and a few choice victims. Their in-fighting between Jebidiah and Jedidiah led to bastardized rituals and more bloodshed than the written word intended. With powerful witch blood in the their veins, they managed to tap into some deep-seated power. What they summoned is unknown, but the effects were felt by all: the cult members’ blood had been tainted, surely the weekly ritualistic blood transfusions didn’t help either. The members began to display signs of an otherworldly parasitic infection via grotesque, bloody, and worm infested breakouts on the face and torso. Chuck, the resident butcher, pointed out his profession isn’t too far from that of a biologist and took the helm on finding a cure while others dealt with the infected kin and hunted for uninfected flesh. What sort of hell have they brought upon this earth?



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Be prepared for a magic carpet ride with Pogo as your guide!

Pogo fans rejoice! With the recent emergence of the PogoNos, more Pogo artifacts have been creeping out of the woodwork. This has shed light on the true depth of Pogo’s legacy that few could have believed. After we displayed the most widely known episode from the 50’s, “SpegHeady and MeatBalls”, a PogoNo stepped forward with a well-worn and poorly labeled VHS.  In a shaky hand it said “Pogo Presents: Abra-Kadaver!” The tape was immediately digitally transferred. Pogo’s style had been updated from the single stationary camera in black and white. This new straight to VHS episode was in color and edited together many shots and angles, also a couple new characters were introduced alongside a small returning cast. As suggested by the title it was an episode about magic tricks as preformed by the amateur magician Pogo.


2016 Haunted Attractions

The Harvest

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The corn must grow!


Witness the blessed Heaven Behind Rows ritual, The Harvest, performed at Stalker Farms, in this self paced walk through haunted attraction.

Gallery: 2016 The Harvest
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 Pogo's Funny Farm 2016

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Pogo knows!

Take a twisted journey through the television sets and memorabilia of Pogo's Funny Farm in this self paced walk through haunted attraction.

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Open October 2018





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